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UK based Amcomri Limited is a fast-growing group of companies investing in a broad cross-section of industry; from quality British manufacturing and excellent precision engineering to film and entertainment production.  The team at Amcomri have been involved in these sectors internationally for decades and know intimately the challenges these businesses face in a world of growing globalisation and competition.

The Brief

The challenge faced by Amcomri was to create a suite of logos and a brand visual identity that could translate easily across these varied industries. The client requested the logo demonstrate strength and authority.

The Outcome

The design team worked exclusively on creating a unique visual for the brand that would incorporate the 4 main industries of the group (represented by the four colours of the outer circle) as well as introduce a subtle hint to the origins of the word ‘amcomri’ (the hidden white cross in the circle). From this an entire suite of logos was created for the group.

This suite of group logos was then extended to their corporate literature and websites were created for their industrial group, their media group and one of their film companies.

We Did

Design Concept and Development, Brand strategy, Graphic design, Web architecture, Web Design, Web Development & Build.


Amcomri Limited