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The Brief

Project development is a very hot topic in Melbourne and so as to not be left behind Malcolm needed to finally brand his business as it started to grow and play in a more competitive space. He needed a brand that would low cross not only the direct brand but align and promote the development brands also.

The Outcome

As part of our rationale we illustrated the idea on what it means to someone when purchasing a property, and that aspiration is a key emotional component. People aspire, they look ahead to what they want to achieve, and the lifestyle they want to build for themselves.

Melbourne has amazing lifestyle opportunities and with its cultural and creative perspective and inner city sass it is quickly defining itself as one of the most stylish, coolest, and aspirational cities in the world. Thus there was no better place to start for inspiration than exploring Melbourne’s current yet timeless ‘refined cool’. This was our launching pad for the Channelland brand identity which is currently evolving so be sure to check back soon for updates or click here to receive updates in your email.

We did

Brand creation and design, social media and digital marketing management and website design and build.

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